About Me

nov2018_098 Roee Gutman is an Associate Professor (Tenured) in the Department of Biostatistics at Brown University. His areas of interest and research include Bayesian data analysis, missing data, file linking, causal inference and bioinformatics, as well as applications of these methods to health policy research and practice and epidemiology. Some examples of recent projects includes linking Meals on Wheels of America (MOWA) client data to Medicare claims without unique identifiers, equating health assessments across post-acute settings, and examining the effects of bed-hold policies on re-hospitalization and mortality in nursing homes. A short video on my research can be found here.

He received funding from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), the National Science Foundation (NSF), and the National Institute on Ageing (NIA). He is involved in the design and analysis of a multiple clinical trials as well as observational studies in these areas, and his collaborative research is funded by the NIH and the VA.

Roee received his Ph.D. from the Department of Statistics at Harvard University.
His advisor was Professor Donald Rubin and he was a member of Professor Jun Liu’s lab. His Ph.D. thesis is entitled: “Topics in Missing Data and Causality.”

Roee received a BS with Honors in Statistics, Operations Research and Computer Science from Tel Aviv University (TAU) in 1999. He went on to receive a MS in Applied Statistics with Special Honors under the supervision of Professor Yossef Hochberg from TAU in 2004. In addition, Roee served as a teaching assistant in the TAU Department of Statistics from 1999-2002. His MS thesis is entitled: “Improved Multiple Test Procedures for Discrete Distributions: New Ideas and Analytical Review.”

From 2004-2006, Roee was a research statistician with The Ben-Tal group in the Biochemistry Department at TAU. He was involved with the QuasiMotiFinder server, which focused on identifying signatures and signatures-like patterns in protein sequences. Roee is also a former member of the False Discovery Rate group in the School of Mathematics at TAU.

Roee is a native of Petach Tikva, Israel. For seven years, he served as Captain in a technological unit with the Israel Defense Forces.